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02/18/2021 - 03/25/2021

THURSDAY'S  |  Feb 18th - Mar 25th
starting at 10:00 am

delivered via Zoom Video Conference

To register contact us via email at:  ChronicConditionsSMP 

Nobody wants to have a chronic long-term illness. Unfortunately, most of us will experience two or more of these conditions during our lives. The Living Well with Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program is provided to help people with chronic illness explore healthy ways to live with a physical or mental condition. The 6-week workshop addresses what happens with most chronic health problems. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, liver disease, bipolar disorder, emphysema, or any one of a host of others, cause most people to experience fatigue as well as to lose physical strength and endurance. In addition, they may cause emotional distress, such as frustration, anger, anxiety, or a sense of helplessness. 
Program participants will learn how to function at their best regardless of the difficulties life presents. The program goal is to aid participants in achieving the things they want to do and to get pleasure from life. That is what the Living Well programs are about.
Each participant will get help in finding the sills needed in order to follow their individual path to improving their quality of life. There are no miracles or cures provided in the program, however, participants will find hundreds of tips and ideas to make their life easier. The advice presented comes from physicians and other health professionals, 

What To Expect in Living Well Workshops
Each Living Well workshop is 6-weeks in duration. Participants meet once a week for a 2.5 hour session. Then throughout the week participants work on their action plans, decision making steps and suggested reading. Sessions are progressive so participants will want to attend all sessions to gain the most benefit from the workshop.

Session 1
  • The Mind|Body Connection
  • Getting a Good Nights Sleep
  • Intro to Action Planning
Session 2
  • Dealing with Difficult Emotions
  • Introduction to Physical Activity
  • Preventing Falls and Improving Balance
Session 3
  • Making Decisions
  • Pain & Fatigue Management
  • Endurance Exercise
  • Relaxation: Body Scan
Session 4
  • Better Breathing
  • Healthy Eating
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving
Session 5
  • Making Healthy Food Choices
  • Medications Usage
  • Making Informed Treatment Decisions
  • Dealing With Depression
  • Positive Thinking
Session 6
  • Working with Healthcare Professionals
  • Weight Management
  • Looking Back & Planning for Your Future
                                      Free workshop • Free gift

All workshop participants will receive a free book: “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions” along with helpful tools and self-management skills to improve your quality of life.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Workshop Seating is Limited
For more information, registration, or questions about programs contact:
CCC Outreach Ed | Program Management 
Angelia Freeman | Phone: 541-672-0072
or Email:  AFreeman@CCCRoseburg.org

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