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Oregon Quit Line

If you are ready to give up tobacco please call 1-800-784-8669 OR  visit the web site for assistance including free nicotine patches. 

Oregon Quit Line

Savi Breast Cancer Treatment

Today, more and more cancers are found at their earliest, most treatable stages. Not only does this improve chances for survival, it also means the availability of more treatment options.
If you have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, you might be eligible for an advanced form of radiation therapy with the SAVI applicator, SAVI only delivers radiation to the tissue where the cancer is most likely to recur, meaning your treatment can be completed in as little as 5 days and with fewer side effects.
Please check out SAVI treatment for breast Cancer at:


Medical Nutritional Therapy

At the Community Cancer Center nutrition therapy is used to ensure patients are getting the nutrients they need to maintain their body weight and strength, and to keep body tissue healthy to fight infection. During active cancer treatment, the overall goal of nutritional care is to preserve lean body mass, minimize nutrition related side effects and maximize quality of life.

Cancer Support Groups

The Community Cancer Center cancer support groups are for anyone who is currently undergoing cancer treatments, is a cancer survivor, a co-survivor and for those who care for them.
Support groups provide a safe environment where members can freely express their thoughts and feelings without having to worry about upsetting a concerned family member or friend. Support group participants have an opportunity to vent about their fears, share their joy and hope or talk about their journey of treatment and healing.

Members have the option to attend up to four meetings each month. Although meetings have the same topic and learning component each meeting is different based on the group dynamic. We encourage members to attend as many meetings as they are comfortable with. 
More importantly, our support group provides a safe environment where members can freely express their thoughts and feelings without having to worry about upsetting a concerned family member or friend.

Please download our flyer for more detailed information.

Prostate Health Awareness

To understand how to prevent prostate cancer, one must first understand what causes it. There are four major factors that influence one's risk for developing prostate cancer. These are Age, Race, Family History and Where you live. These factors are difficult or impossible to change, however, there are many things that men can do to reduce or delay their risk of developing prostate cancer.

Patient Navigator Services

A diagnosis of cancer can spark many emotions, including fear, sadness and confusion. During these uncertain times, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That is why a host of resources have been developed to inform, guide and support those facing cancer.
To aid our patients with these needs, the Community Cancer Center has created a cancer resource program to ease the burden of cancer and patient treatments for our patients and their loved ones.

Tobacco Cessation Classes & Weekly Metings

Do you want to quit smoking?

The Community Cancer Center is now offering FREE smoking cessation classes that begin the first Tuesday in January and July each year. The course is 8-weeks in duration.

Come and learn strategies that work! Our program is presented by an American Cancer Society Freshstart Tobacco-Cessation Facilitator.

Community Cancer Center
Conference Rooms B & C

To register contact:  Angelia Freeman at 541-673-2267 ext. 5104
email:  AFreeman@CCCRoseburg.org

Living Well Programs 2019-2020

Each Living Well workshop is 6-weeks in duration. Participants meet once a week for a 2.5 hour session.

Then throughout the week participants’ work on their action plans, decision making steps and suggested reading. Participants will learn the skills to become a positive self-manager by developing a proactive approach to their pain and working with their health care professionals. Adopting a positive management style, participants will live a healthier life. Sessions are progressive so participants will want to attend all sessions to gain the most benefit from the workshop.

Participants begin by learning the importance of being their own self-manager and the self-management skills that will help them successfully live with their chronic pain conditions every day. These skills are useful not just for chronic pain management but for the management of any chronic disease condition.
After introducing the basics of self-management, participants then go on to define pain and discuss the difference between acute and chronic pain. We also explore the most common problems experienced by people with chronic pain and provide a list of resources to learn more about pain and the management of it.

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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 or your local emergency number for immediate assistance.

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