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A diagnosis of cancer can elicit many emotions including fear, sadness and confusion. During these uncertain times, it is easy to become overwhelmed. To help patients access what they need, the Community Cancer Center has created a cancer resource program, which allows for a patient navigator to be available on staff to provide individualized assistance to patients and their families.

A patient navigator helps patients and their families overcome health care system barriers and facilitate timely access to quality medical and psychosocial care. Cancer patient navigation works with a patient from diagnosis through all phases of the cancer experience and should take on different forms for different people, as dictated by the needs of the patient, their family and community.

Different areas our patient navigator can help patients with include smoking cessations, genetic testing, counseling, financial resources,
transportation, nutritional needs, palliative care/hospice, information on the disease process, housing and legal issues.

For more information on our patient navation services contact:

Jessica Schulze - RN, BSN
541-673-2267, Ext 5120 or JSchulze@CCCRoseburg.org

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