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Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness through community outreach and professional collaborations.
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                                                          How can YOU get involved in the POWER of PINK?
Starting:  October 1st - 31st 
♥ As an Individual:
       • Visit any roseburg area merchant who displays a Proud POWER of PINK Sponsor vinyl
          and get your FREE breast cancer awareness packet and POWER of PINK cling.
       • Place your window cling on your car in support of breast cancer awareness.
       • Visit the Community Cancer Center and get your FREE awareness packet and POWER of
          PINK cling.
       • Support the cause and purchase a POWER of PINK t'shirt (only $20!) at this link:
       •  Put together your own POWER of PINK team and join us (FREE) in our POWER of PINK
           Power Walk.
Saturday,  October 13th
10:00 am  POWER of PINK Power Walk
Join us for a FREE walk for awareness. Starting at the corner of Jackson Street and Diamond Lake Highway and power walk in your pink through down town Roseburg. Bring your team, wear your pink and show your support.
♥As a Business:
          • Visit your News Review or Brooks Communication sales rep and sign up for the POWER
             of PINK.
          • Start October 1st and proudly display the POWER of PINK sponsor cling at your
          • Keep a handy supply of awareness packets to give to your customers who want to
             promote the POWER of PINK.
The POWER of PINK is a breast cancer risks awareness campaign designed in community partnership by the News Review, Brooke Communication and the Community Cancer Center. Breast health education empowers women to take control of their health by educating them about their body and providing important breast cancer resources.
The 30-day awareness campaign will take place from October 1st through October 31st. The goal is to raise community awareness of the risk factors surrounding breast cancer and promote the healthy lifestyle changes to lower risks.
The promotion of The POWER of PINK is a collaborative effort. The News Review ad sales team will promote a Power of Pink ribbon that can be placed on a store front window or in an ad featured in an October ad.
By the creation of an awareness campaign, promoting public service announcements and offering free education to community members the businesses and individuals involved are able to aid women in our community in playing an active role in their own health care. While there are some different recommendations from medical organizations on the value of breast self-exams, all women's health organizations agree about the value of annual clinical breast exams, and the importance of regular mammograms after the age of 40.
For more information contact:
the Community Cancer Center                                           
Angelia Freeman at 541-673-2267                                
or email:  AFreeman@CCCRoseburg.org                  
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