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N.A.T.E. (outreach education for youth ages 11-14)
02/23/2017 - 03/23/2017
N.A.T.E. is one of the three Community Cancer Center’s youth focused Nicotine Awareness and Tobacco Education outreach programs. The goal of N.A.T.E. is to reach out to an easily influential segment of the pre-teen population in Douglas County and provide awareness of the risks of nicotine use and tobacco education. The target age group is youth 11-14 years.
The five week N.A.T.E program introduces participants to understanding what nicotine is and  the health risks of nicotine use, educates on the  many forms of tobacco, and the targeted marketing today’s youth are influenced by in their everyday lives. Whether it is peer pressure, communication gaps or lack of knowing, N.A.T.E. provides the tools and resources to overcome these obstacles and learn to “Be Smart - Don’t Start!”
Program Outline By Week:
  1. Introduction to program and other students. Develop touchstones and begin identification of media messages targeted at youth.
  2. Defines tobacco use, products, reasons teens use tobacco and nicotine products and introduction to health risks.
  3. Understanding addiction and cessation. Identifying a support system and how to express your needs.
  4. Understanding a problem and a situation that could be a potential problem. Problem resolution and stress management. Identifying and overcoming peer pressure and how to handle negative self-talk.
  5. Becoming a Youth Ambassador. Learning peer-to-peer coaching for the N.A.T.E. Jr. Program.
N.A.T.E. Program Perks for Preteens:
  • Identify Marketing Pressure and Influence of media
  • Understand the risks of nicotine and tobacco use
  • Learn Team Building Skills
  • Learn How to Identify Peer Pressure
  • Develop Skills to Effective Communication
  • Develop Great Tools for Problem Resolution
The N.A.T.E. program is an opportunity for the Community Cancer Center to invest in youth awareness of nicotine and tobacco use. The program is also a positive reinforcement and encouragement of preteens to share their knowledge and willingness to not start using nicotine products.

For more information contact:
Angelia Freeman, Outreach Program Manager
541-673-2267 or email: AFreeman@CCCRoseburg.org
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