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OHM: Mindfulness | Restorative Yoga | Meditation | Guided Relaxation
Mindfulness | Restorative Yoga | Meditation | Guided Relaxation
Classes facilitated by:  Optimal Health Management

Please consult with your physician before starting any new yoga regimen to inquire about any necessary precautions or limitations.
the Optimal Health classes conclude in November for the season.

Optimal Health Management classes are offered, free to the community, and through grant funding and community partnerships.

It is our hope you enjoy the classes and reach your optimal health and wellness on your road to healing.

Mindfulness – Helping in the Journey of Healing
with Meridith Krugel, LCSW
This will be a series of four classes that cover an Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Management. These classes will restart at the beginning of each month. Mindfulness is a tool for handling stress and anxiety in your life. These techniques help you to take one day at a time, to focus on the present instead of ruminating on the past or fearing the future. Evidence shows that mindfulness can decrease long-term emotional and physical side effects of cancer treatments as well as improving the quality of sleep, helping with symptoms of pain and fatigue.

Restorative Yoga & the Cancer Patient | Survivor
with Andrea Campos Smith
All levels and beginners welcome!  •  Yoga is a great method to help you relax and cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. It can lift the mood and enhance well-being. Some individuals who have had cancer say that it helps calm their mind, so they can better cope with their diagnosis and treatment. It can also help to speed recovery, get you up and moving around more quickly, after surgery. Research also shows that yoga boosts immunity helping to prevent cancer or a reoccurrence of cancer, as well as increasing circulation of natural cancer fighting immune cells. In addition, yoga detoxifies the body getting rid of dead cells and toxins by increasing lymphatic flow. It also quiets the mind and improves cortisol levels.

Meditation | Guided Relaxation - What to expect
with Jessica Brake, LPC
These sessions will include a mini lesson and then the opportunity to sit in meditation for 20 minutes.  Meditation is a practice that helps individuals calm and relax their bodies and their minds. When done regularly it can give clarity, insight, and peace of mind that will improve wellbeing. For people who have had cancer meditation can help them feel better by reducing stress and anxiety. It can also control problems like: pain, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, feeling sick, and high blood pressure.

Guided Relaxation/visualization
with Jessica Brake, LPC, C.ht.
This class series includes a mini lesson about different methods of relaxation, accessing the subconscious mind, and overall well-being. Followed by a guided relaxation exercise and visualization. These guided exercises will be different each week and focus on topics such as: releasing emotions, releasing anger, moving forward, increasing relaxation, and reducing stress. Guided relaxation such as these have been used for many years for cancer patients who are looking for help reducing pain, fatigue, anxiety, and nausea. These techniques also help with side effects, fears, and discomforts involved in the treatment of cancer as well as boosting the body’s ability to fight cancer and immunity.

To learn more about Optimal Health Management visit their website at: www.OptimalHealthManagement.org
For more information contact:  Optimal Health Management
Jessica Brake  |  Phone: 541-6710-2264
Email:  jessicabrakellc@outlook.com

Optimal Health Management
It is the mission of this organization to provide an accessible, proactive, and holistic approach to effectively assist in creating and maintaining the health and wellness of the individuals in our community in an integrated and inclusive manner. It is our intention to energetically contribute to the growth of the lives supported by the care we strive to provide, as well as continually adapting to the needs of those we serve.
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