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Tai'Ga | Mindfulness in Motion
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Tai'Ga | Mindfulness in Motion
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12:30 - 1:30 pm

Community Cancer Center 
Suite 201

Benefits of Tai'Ga and Mindful Movement
Did you know that there are ways of gently exercising that can be especially beneficial for patients with cancer and  cancer survivors? Most of us in the United States think that exercise needs to be an activity in which we are pushing ourselves, breathing hard, and sweating up a storm. Did you know that there are ways of gently exercising that can be especially beneficial for patients with cancer and cancer survivors?
Regular physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of developing cancer and of recurrence of breast, prostate and colorectal cancer, and with improved survival.

Introducing Tai’Ga | Mindfulness in Motion Therapy
Tai’Ga is a unique fusion of Tai Chi and Restorative Yoga. Both are ancient forms of exercise that fit the bill for helping  patients with cancer get moving and improve their overall sense of well-being. A Tai’Ga practice may help with pain  conditions, especially pain involving muscles and joints; it may also reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality. The Tai’Ga class can be done standing or in a chair. 

Relax | Restore | Rejuvenate
Tai’Ga combines breathing and slow, fluid movements to enhance balance in the body. The practice of Tai’Ga focuses on introducing the body to restful poses and tension release. This shows the body what rest feels like. Your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms are activated when your body is in a state of relaxation. If there are areas that need healing, the brain can trigger the release of hormones that encourage tissue growth and continue the healing process. The restorative and mindful movement of Tai’Ga also aids in lowering blood pressure, 

Cancer Patient Benefits
For patients with cancer, the mindful movement of Tai’Ga provides a benefit to many of the side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatment. Regularly practicing mindful movement can:
  • Calm the mind and emotions. The slow, rhythmic movements combined with deep, relaxation breathing help to bring a sense of peace 
  • Improve balance, help prevent falls. Patients with cancer often have challenges with balance as a  result of weakness from the cancer or the side effects of cancer treatment. Mindful movement improves balance decreasing the risk of falls
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain. Cancer and cancer treatment can cause muscle and joint pain, which can be very discouraging for patients who want to get active. The slow, fluid movements can help reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Promote clear thinking and focus. Patients receiving chemotherapy often complain about “chemo-brain,” which impairs thinking and focus. 
  • Increase flexibility. Mindful movement helps to stretch the muscles and improve joint mobility in a safe, gentle way
  • Increase energy. Cancer treatment can cause patients to have low energy, despite getting a lot of sleep. mindful movement may help restore the body’s energy, making it easier to tolerate treatment and to feel better after treatment
  • Uplift the spirits. Practicing mindful movement, especially in a supportive and fun group, has an uplifting effect on one’s spirit. 
  • Improve breathing. While practicing mindful movement, participants also practice slow, rhythmic breathing. Deep breathing helps calm the nervous system and bring awareness to how we are breathing when stressed. Once these techniques are learned, we can then use them whenever we need to reduce stress.
Tai'Ga - The Details ...
Face-To-Face Engagement
     • All classes are held on the Community  Cancer Center campus.
     • Each class is 1 hour in length
     • Class size is unlimited 
     • Classes are open to patients, survivors, caregivers, and the community
     • Registration is required and participants must sign a waiver

Contact:  the Community Cancer Center
PH: 541-673-2267 x5104  or visit us on line at www.CCCRoseburg.org

There is no costs or fees to attend classes, workshops, support groups or programs at the Community Cancer  Center. 

All classes are held on the Community Cancer Center Campus. Please check for room location upon your arrival.
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For More information contact: the Community Cancer Center | 541-673-2267 x5104
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