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The Community Cancer Foundation wishes to express sincere appreciation to the many donors whose contributions have made the Community Cancer Center a success.  Below is the list of donors, names of the persons in whose honor contributions have been made.  These funds are utilized to assist patients with cost of treatment, prescriptions, and other services.

  • In Memory of
    • Dagny Alexander, Tod Kunde, Gertie Nielsen, Jackie Padgett, Clarence Paul, Patricia Paul, William Stiles, Marjorie Vilk, and Dale Wallin
  • Donors
    • Clayton Alexander, Shirley Baker, Mr. & Mrs. R. Clarke, Douglas County Filipino American Association, Inc., Dick & Carolyn Dwyer, Cathy & Neil Hummel, Little Suzies, Verna Mead, Non-Denominational Bible Study Group, Oregon Pacific Bank, Charlotte Stiles, and Unity Church of Roseburg
  • A Special Thank You to the Following Organizations
    • Roseburg Honda
  • In Memory of
    • Del Blanchard, Isabelle Crinklaw, Don Keogh, Carol Marie Osborn, Phyllis Sullivan, and Tina York
  • In Honor of
    • Carol Borrisoff
  • Donors
    • Michelle Bross, Donna Casey, Melissa Colton, Ron Edwards, Ina Eubanks, Pat Fisk, Simon Friedman, Joseph Grosso, Michael & Joann Haddican, Hanna Family Perpetual Foundation, Dave & Terri Hatcher, Garry & Kathy Heichel, Mr. & Mrs. David Jackson, Robin Lambert, Verna L. Mead, Pamela Myers, Roseburg Branch - Oregon Pacific Bank, Robert & Beverly Pearson, Tina Plant, Angela Pratt, Betty Schultz, Lynn & Janet Sibley, Christina Ward, John & Carolyn York, Umpqua Youth, and Unity Church of Roseburg
  • A Special Thank You to the following Organizations, Sponsors and all who participated in the 2017 Focus on Hope fundraising event.
  • In Memory of
    • Mary June Bogner, Gardiner Chappell, Beverly Dirksen, Mary Esselstrom, Lee Gollihugh, Marguerite Graham, Larry Householder, Michael Lapin, John Sorosky, Ron Sturtz, and Shari Washburn
  • Donors
    • Shirley Baker, David & Jane Birchard, Tommy & Karen Divine, Marilyn Giles, Leila Heislein, Neil & Cathy Hummel, Verna Mead, Oregon Pacific Bank Employees, Jennifer Rogers, Betty Schultz, Diana Staudinger, Sue Terwilliger, and Charlotte Stiles
  • Special Thank you to the Following Organizations
    • Josh Bidwell Foundation
  • In Memory of
    • Jerry Brown, Mary Edith DeWeese, Mae Rea Glockner, Carol Marlene Kaser, John Loosley, Don Major, Wallace Morley, Richard Pittman, Laurie Ranger, Eldon “Dude” Sibley, Ron Sibley, Les Stinnett, Janine White and Robert K. Wilson
  • Donors
    • A1A, Inc., Patricia Abeene, Peggy Allison, Tracey Bebeau, Bertha B. Bilyeu, Kristen Black-Hansen, Louis & Helen Boudreau, Camp Millennium, Linda M. Cook, John & Donna Crosiar, Beverly Dirksen, Kimberli Dubie, Gerald & Marilyn Eifert, Jeffrey & Stacey Fisher, Jennie Gohman, Janet Hallcraft, Dan & Denise Hollenbaugh, Cathy & Neil Hummel, Yoko B. Iwata, Craig Jackson, Edna Jaquet, Marianne Major, Patricia A. McClure, Verna Mead, Marieda L. Messman, Frank & Janet Morby, Kelly & Dixie Morgan, Barbara J. Morrow, Dennis & Arden Murphy, Pamela J. Myers, Pat A. Neuner, Barbara Nusbaum, Dean & Lisa Perske, Scott Peterson & Sonja Durrant, Lexie Pickering, Saydee Pickering, Charlene Priest, Mark & Marlyce Robbins, Nellie Rue, Allice Sawyers & Family, Ron & Martha Singler, Dawn Steep, Shirley Stone, Joyce Swanson, Keith & Anne Van Atta, Bill & Marilyn Van Cleave, Lynn M. Wilson and Gladys Woldt
  • A Special Thank you to the Following Organizations:
    • Days Creek Volleyball Team, Douglas Forest Protective Employees, Riddle FFL, Reedsport USBC Women’s Bowling Association and Umpqua Valley Modelers
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